Curriculum Vitae

(to be updated)


27 09 1989
anni.emilia.laurila (at)
Helsinki, Finland

2013 - Feb 2017             Architect (Master’s Degree, M.Sc.), Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
Jun - Aug 2015              SingularityU GSP15 Alumna (Exponential tech, Entrepreneurship, Global Challenges), NASA, California
2009 - 2013                  Architecture (Bachelor’s degree), Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
2008 - 2009                 Civil and Environmental Engineering, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
2006 - 2008                 Linnankosken lukio. Graduated with
                                    Math: L, Psychology: L (Finland’s highest points in 2008), Finnish: L, Physics: E, English: E, Swedish: E

Apr 2019 - Finland’s Architectural Policy, member of working group for the Finnish Government
Sept 2018 - Architect, Deputy Manager of WSP Urban Architecture team
Mar 2019 - Keynote speaker (keynote speaker, presenter, panelist), Puhujatori & Cool N Talk UK
May 2018 - Keynote speaker (keynote speaker, presenter, panelist), Speakersforum
Oct 2017 -                    Architect Anni Laurila (company)
Nov 2016 -                   World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Helsinki Hub Member
Apr 2017 - Sept 2018   Architect, WSP Finland
Nov 2016 - Sep 2017     Lead organizer, Global Impact Challenge Finland 2017 for Singularity University, Helsinki & Copenhagen
Aug 2016 - Jan 2017     Master's Thesis in Building Design, Clients: Vallila Interior Oy and Oy Pälkäne 15, Helsinki
                                      Title: From Industrial to Hybrid - Adaptive Reuse of Two Buildings in Vallila
Aug 2015 - Aug 2016   Co-founder of Anyone Inc, Palo Alto (founded at GSP15, SingularityU NASA Ames)
Apr 2013 - Mar 2017   Assisting Architect, WSP Finland
Nov 2015 - Apr 2016   Organizer, Global Impact Competition Finland 2016 for Singularity University, Helsinki & Copenhagen
Jun 2012 - Sep 2012     Junior Architect, Helsinki City Planning Department
Jun 2011                      Entrance Exam Assistant, Aalto University Department of Architecture

2017                             Climate Reality Leader (Al Gore's Climate Reality Training in Pittsburgh, Oct 2017)
2017                             WEF Global Shaper scholarship for Climate Reality Training in Pittsburgh
2017                             SingularityU Leader scholarship for SingularityU Leadership Forum in San Francisco
2015                             Voted as one of six 'Future hopes of Aalto University' in the university magazine
2015                             Global Impact Challenge Finland. 1st prize. Full scholarship to SingularityU GSP15, NASA, California
2014                             Sustainability Thinking: Water Quality Index, with Jiarong Dong. 1st prize (of 13 teams).
2014                             PD6, Product Development in 6 hours. 1st prize (of 4 teams). Project manager. 
2014, 2015                   Annikki Paasikivi Scholarship, Aalto Unversity
2013                             Honorable Mention, Injection Design Award
2008                            Highest national score in graduation examination in psychology. Award from Finnish Psychological Association.

2017                           Publications: From Industrial to Hybrid - Adaptive Reuse of Two Buildings in Vallila, Master's thesis
2015 -                  Speaker: i.e. YLE, OP Pohjola, Boost Turku, Impact Iglu, CTO Forum, WEF, SingularityU NASA (link to list)
2014                           Exhibitions: Kigali Master Class ARTEK (team)
2014                           Publications: Kigali Master Class with Peter Rich (team)
2012                           Publications: The Qualities of Townhouse Building Reflected on Finnish Urban Planning, Bachelor’s thesis

Sep 2014 - Jan 2015    Tongji University Master's of Architecture Exchange Student, Shanghai, China
Feb 2014                     Research & Architectural Design Field Trip for Kigali Master Class, Rwanda, Africa
July 2010                    Tohoku University, Interdiciplinary Study Between Social Sciences and Technology, Sendai, Japan
2003-2004                 Sawyers Hall College of Science and Technology, Brentwood, United Kingdom

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator      expert
AutoCAD, ArchiCAD       expert
Word, Excel, Powerpoint      advanced
3Ds Max (rendering program)      advanced
SketchUp, MicroStation, iMovie      advanced
Adobe Premiere, Lightroom      intermediate
Revit, Rhinoceros 3D      intermediate

Finnish      native
English      fluent
Swedish     good
Chinese (spoken+written)     beginner